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Sure X-Ray Dog Music created the colossal modern film and promo trailer sound but we are much more than that. Our catalog has a rich diversity of strong emotional music, written and recorded by the artists who do it best. XRD is a consortium of composers and musicians who are dedicated to bringing it to you "faster, louder, higher" in limitless variety. We strive to fill our music with the depth of human emotion that transcend words. This can save you a ton in voice-over alone! Plant your paws on the wild side and hear things now with the power of X-Ray!

X-Ray Dog Music has close to 2000 tracks organized by emotion and style. Currently listing 38 CDs and growing by 6 new discs a year we are organized in multiple genres. We are best known for our creation of the modern gothic hybrid sound used in big Hollywood blockbuster films and emulated by, well everybody. Now check out the source of this exciting powerful sound.

Our Orchestral recordings have broken new ground in the craft of modern hybrid recording styles, using a combination of turbo-charged live recordings and electronic madness with lots of secret sauce. And if you think the dark side is exciting check out the triumphant Light-Drama, rambunctious Comedy, romantic Dramedy and magical Family Adventure genres.

In addition to all the amazing Orchestral sounds X-Ray Dog has a wealth of Funky, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Quirky, Electronica, and Urban tracks too. Check out our growing collection of cutting-edge Modern Dramatic Rock. All will satisfy the palette craving building cinematic music that goes somewhere and takes you along for an exciting ride.

But wait, there's more! Our cutting edge growing collection of 3D Sound Design Elements and F/X gives you endless possibilities and freedom to create the most intense layered audio imaginable. Check out our Suspense and Horror genres featuring Drones, Rises, Hits, Set-Ups, End Builds and loads of Combined Elements. Expectant mothers and people suffering from heart conditions should avoid these tracks!

Have you even checked out our drum tracks? XRD has the mother-load of original exciting, reckless intensity that defined and created this genre. All shades and combinations of analog tribal and modern kitchen-sink are here ready to propel.

You are now X-Ray Powered!

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